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Dropout Saga [Android]

"DropOut Saga" is an immersive game centered around exploration and the pursuit of atonement, presenting players with an inventive narrative set against the backdrop of warring factions in a mythical metropolis.

In "DropOut Saga," players find themselves navigating a narrative laced with love, conflict, and degeneracy, all seasoned with grown-up themes and content.

The protagonist is an enforcer for the mob, weary from a life marred by violence and sin. His history is marked by committing murder, thievery, and causing suffering to advance the interests of his organization. This dark lifestyle has begun to wear down his psyche, convincing him that he must escape. But departure is not simple, as his overlord demands one last task of him: take charge of an academy filled with the progeny of the most powerful and celebrated individuals—from the affluent and legislators to creatives and film luminaries. His mission is to gather compromising information on their influential parents. Meanwhile, he must navigate the brewing chaos among various gangs as they vie for dominance over the city's domains.

Project QT
Changelog (v0.8.0b)
-800+ Renders added
-8 New Sex Animations
-Patreon Gallery improved. Now it’ll show unlocked and locked scenes. And you’ll get a warning that you might get spoilers if you access a scene you haven’t unlocked yet. (Still a work in progress)
Rating: 8.1/10
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