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Deviant Anomalies [Android]

A bewildering snowstorm envelops the city, altering the course of your life irrevocably. Since the peculiar weather event, there has been a surge in reports of paranormal activity and a sharp increase in crime throughout Netherhelm. The city is descending into turmoil. As a recent college graduate with a degree in Criminal Psychology, you take on the challenge of joining the local police force as a novice detective.

Driven by an intense curiosity to solve the mystery behind the snowstorm, you methodically work through numerous cases, each one bringing you closer to your ultimate fate.

Tackle perplexing mysteries, recruit team members afflicted by Supernatural Anomalies, and aid them in harnessing their emerging powers. Their abilities expand as they become more mentally liberated.

The way you train these enigmatic women is critical; will you approach them with integrity and earn their trust, or will you subjugate them through manipulative and corrupt means?

Will your team be founded on principles of camaraderie and affection, or will you create a submissive harem devoted to fulfilling your desires?

Time is of the essence. Prepare yourself, as The Watchmaker's arrival is imminent.

Prepare for high-quality visual storytelling with animated scenes that bring the narrative to life, and engaging gameplay that promises even more excitement ahead.

Project QT
Changelog (v0.9.2 Beta)
1000+ images
70+ animations
100-120 min of gameplay
Rating: 9.1/10
467 votes
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  1. May 21, 2023 at 9:18 am

    Jesus, another game with a moronic MC. Can’t believe I wasted hours thinking this guy would grow a backbone. What’s with the power dynamic? Turning chicks into mind slaves or bffs as power-ups? Cringe, man. I’m here for a gripping story, not babysitting a grown man’s emotional constipation