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Degrees of Lewdity [Android]

"You take on the role of a youthful student residing in an orphanage. It is imperative that you earn money swiftly to secure your continued stay at the orphanage, lest adverse circumstances unfold. *The majority of fetish content can be opted in or out of.​"

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Project QT
Changelog (v0.5.0.4)
– Added additional descriptions where there are in-game thermometers (like Bedroom), if the temperature is unusually cold or hot. Thanks to Xao.
– Eating cooked lurkers at the Great Hawk’s tower now has the same effects on pregnancy speed as uncooked lurkers.
Balance changes, by Xao:
– The school pool room will now have a warmer ambient air temperature.
– After a hypothermia pass-out scene, your body heat will have increased slightly more, to reduce chance of getting hypothermia again.
– Halved the chance to get extreme temperatures in all seasons (both hot and cold)
– Slight change of extreme temperature ranges.
Fixes, by Xao:
– You will now be in the school pool water for the entire duration of the lesson (before, you were only in the water for every other passage)
– Added failsafe to prevent location-image animation error when going through history rapidly.
– Fixed crash from refreshing page on character viewer from start page
– Fixed missing winter image for canal.
Fixes, by Kirsty:
– The stone cottage on Remy’s estate now correctly counts as an indoors location.
– Several hypothermia/hyperthermia passouts now adjust the player’s environmental/body temperature appropriately, reducing the stunlock cycle.
– Fixed messy curls disappearing on Chromium browsers due to incorrect folder capitalisation.
– Fixed missing back image for the feet-length space buns.
– Fixed incorrect pronouns.
– Fixed a bug caused by purchasing popcorn in the theatre prior to visiting the balloon stand.
– Added breast sprites for the arm sleeves, so they’ll no longer appear to clip through larger breasts.
– Banished phantom machines from combat.
Fixes, by PurityGuy:
– Fixed an error at the museum (and likely other locations) when restoring clothing that was stripped for the scene.
– Fixed an error when stripping under_lower clothes in some events.
– Fixed many GH scenes that failed to load them, thus causing several large error messages.
– Great Hawk should no longer stop the player from hunting during a blood moon only to then immediately go hunting themselves.
– When possessed, the player should no longer stop for a chat with Winter at the lake.
– Fixed the night flight event not keeping the player wet through the whole event.
– Fixed several time errors with the pillory.
– Fixed a pronoun issue when studying with Robin.
– Fixed a whole bunch of missing and incorrect sleeve images, thanks to glenn, Beta and pinzya.
– Fixed the gym shirt’s sleeves missing their secondary colour.
– Fixed more Eden problems.
Rating: 9.5/10
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  1. December 3, 2022 at 8:17 am

    Jesus, this MC is such a fag. Wish visual novels would ditch these moronic sad sacks and give us a lead with some actual guts. It’s like they’re algorithmically designed to be as pitiful as possible. Makes me want to bang my head against the wall.