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Darker [Android]

Ch. 1 Part 3
'Darker is an immersive adult-oriented visual novel that explores the complex realm of human feelings, yearnings, and the quest for vengeance. The game eases players in gently before slowly unveiling more intense fetishes, all the while maintaining a grip on players with its compelling narrative. As you journey through this captivating escapade, you'll be thrust into scenarios that challenge the limits of authority, gratification, and depravity. Find yourself ensnared in a tangled network of passion, clandestine agendas, and obscure intentions, where the murky distinction between right and wrong will significantly impact the characters' lives.'

Project QT
Changelog (Ch. 1 Part 3)
– 500+ High-Quality Renders
– A few animations
– Music and sound effects (including NSFW)
– Some UI changes
– Supporters Screen
Rating: 9/10
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