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Croft Adventures [Android]

Embark on an adventure as the iconic Lara Croft, delving into the enigma of a mysterious artifact uncovered in your most recent journey. You stand at the crossroads where the destiny of an ancient cult, hell-bent on restoration of its power, intertwines with yours. Will you thwart their nefarious schemes, or unwittingly aid them in their quest for resurgence?

Your choices carve the path for Lara, revealing concealed mysteries and placing her in diverse scenarios. The fate of Lara rests in your hands; will she stand against the allure of darkness or succumb to the malevolent forces vying for her?

Engage with a host of characters along the way – the nature of Lara's interactions with them will be sculpted by the decisions you make.

Immerse yourself in the game features and look forward to future updates:
● Divergent storylines crafted by your decisions
● Various game conclusions that reflect your choices
● Decision-driven gameplay that forges unique experiences
● Pursuit of achievements – Do you have what it takes to achieve 100% completion in every chapter?
● Decipher ancient riddles and unearth the legacy of a long-forgotten cult

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Project QT
Changelog (v0.6.4a)
In this new release you can find:

2 new characters
2 new locations
Rating: 8.8/10
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