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Corrupted Kingdoms [Android]

In this narrative, you take center stage as the protagonist—or perhaps the antagonist—embarking on a quest initially to uncover the reasons behind your family's expulsion from your birthplace. However, you soon find yourself embroiled in circumstances far surpassing your wildest dreams. With the escalation of hostilities between humans and the hidden mythical beings that dwell on the fringes of perception, the question arises: Will you emerge as a symbol of inspiration and hope, or will you wield the extraordinary abilities you acquire to dominate and subjugate the world?

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Project QT
Changelog (v0.21.5)

 NEW CHARACTER: Continue with the Kana lead you got from Lyx!
KANA: Can continue her Lead!
LUCILLE: Lucille finally has a room of her own once again! In the East Hallway – Human Floor!
LUCILLE: New naughty event with Lucille! Talk to her in her room!
DREAMS: Five new dreams will appear once you’ve tried to access the Nexus in Act Three and spoken to Lyx about it. They may reveal a little more about a certain character’s origin, and perhaps a way to eventually reopen the Nexus…
Misc: Slight rework to the Act One finale to include kinetic text and tidy up the code a little
Misc: Fixed some instances of paperdolls overlaying on top of text
Misc: Shifted a dialogue line in the park concert scene so it makes a little more sense
Misc: Work continues on making “virgin runs” possible. I’m anout 20% through remaking the Act One finale renders and they’ll all be released at once in a futuer update – coming soon!
Bug: The figured pulls himself from the pool of light, armour gleaming in the flickering luminescence. Picking up his sword, he turns to Gwen & Ami: Kid Detectives. “Hi,” he says, “I’m the Typo Hero…”


TERRI & TAMMI: Terri & Tammi will now perform a concert! Make sure you’ve conquered the Park and explored it, then talk to them about the concert!
TERRI & TAMMI: Terri & Tammi will now appear in the background of the Park when you visit it
COMBAT: Watching Terri & Tammi’s concert will give you a +2 to your CLASH dice for the rest of the day!
HIDDEN VOICES: Added the new HIDDEN VOICES mechanic to more characters (click on the ORANGE text that appears when people talk)!
HIDDEN VOICES: Disabled the old system once you reach Act Three so there isn’t any weird overlap and people don’t get the bizarre issue that happens when you use HV while a dialogue choice is visible (the new system will eventually be added to Act Two as well, but that’s a TONNE of work)!
Bug: Fixed an issue that was causing the tooltips for inventory items to spill out of their box
Bug: Gwen was having a Yandere moment in Act Two even after being on a beach date with you. Her short-term memory loss has been fixed and now she’ll calm down as she should!
Bug: You could confront Hana and Ard at night in Act Two. Now you can’t – they need their beauty sleep!
Bug: Trying to access the Nexus in Act Three was causing the top bar to disappear. Now it doesn’t!
Bug: Chastity was showing up outside the Church in casual clothes in Act Two long before she should have. She’ll be more patient now!
Bug: Lyx’s HINT was talking about conquering locations way before it should have. Lyx has been scolded and promised not to give out any more spoile- THE REAL ENEMY IS ACTUALLY-(crash)
Bug: Terri & Tammi were sometimes forgetting who was who. They should remember their own names now
Bug: The Fairies weren’t actually doing anything when they won the CLASH roll. They should be less distracted now
Bug: Gwen & Ami: Kid Detectives watch in fascination as the sword rises from the pool of glowing light, clutched by an unseen hand. The sword clatters to the ground, the hand grips the edge of the shield, and pulls…
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