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City Of Broken Dreamers [Android]

v1.14.0 Ch. 14
Los Angeles, 2042: A metropolis dominated by omnipotent corporations and the affluent upper class—a stark embodiment of the towering heights and harrowing lows of the American Dream.

Countless individuals lead their lives, veiled in a façade of serenity, oblivious to the opulent indulgences of the wealthy and the harrowing plight of the destitute. Here, corporate executives wield dominance surpassing elected officials, while law enforcement is outgunned by privatized military forces.

You're one of these mercenaries, amongst the finest—a prestigious echelon known as Ghosts. Yet, your professional pursuits have been dormant for months. This, however, is on the cusp of transformation.

In a different quarter of the city, a young girl becomes the unwitting fulcrum of a brewing storm, one that threatens to fracture the city's very foundations.

Your mission to locate her will forge alliances and stir adversaries, uniting others who, much like you, have been chewed up and cast aside by the merciless city. Trust is a luxury. Who amongst them can you rely on? Whose costs are too steep to entertain?

Each one harbors their own aspirations and incentives, each fractured in their unique way. It all converges...

In the City of Broken Dreamers.

Prepare for the City of Broken Dreamers .

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