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Reverse Psychology [Android]

In the narrative of "Reverse Psychology," you are plunged into the life of a so-called ordinary young man.

His life turns complex when he becomes romantically and sexually involved with someone he considers his "best friend," and this secret is stumbled upon by his "landlady," resulting in a significant social dilemma.

Progressing through the story, the "landlady" refers him to a psychologist whose methods are anything but traditional. Surprisingly, she assists him in overcoming his insecurities and, unexpectedly, supports him in navigating his relationship with his "best friend."

Furthermore, within him lies an astonishing secret, an extraordinary essence that is not of this world.

Step into the shoes of the main character and sway the course of events. Guide him and the cast of characters he encounters on his journey to encourage his "landlady" to come to terms with his "atypical" relationship and to embrace his true self.

And perhaps, just perhaps, the "landlady" may also come to a revelation...

Project QT
Changelog (v0.30)
+ 496 renders.
+ 66 animations.
+ 219 renders.
+ 44 animations.
Rating: 7.3/10
209 votes
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