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Cara in Creekmaw [Android]

Ep. 2
After a year of living elsewhere with her fiancé, Cara revisits her mother in Creekmaw for a brief two-day trip. During her stay, she finds herself engulfed in an escalating series of enigmas as she discovers that the town and its residents conceal a myriad of secrets and hidden agendas.

Project QT
Changelog (Ep. 2: Enhanced)
This new content can be downloaded fully (~8GB) or downloaded as an update-only (~2.7GB) and can be applied to your existing game. A compressed version (full game but 900p images, ~2.5GB) and an Android version (full game APK ~2.5GB) are also available.
This adds new content (over 3000 new images) within the previous episodes & A new side story. This means the best way to experience this new content is to pick Start -> Main Story -> Returning Player -> Episode 2 as your starting point and replay Episode 2, being sure to visit the scenes listed below. When you’re done with that you can then do Start -> Twins’ Dilemma.
Additionally, you can now name your saves and the replay gallery has been improved.
The walkthrough has been updated:
If you want to know where to find the new scenes added to EP2, here they are:
Rating: 9/10
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