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Burns Mansion [Android]

Charles Montgomery Burns stands as the preeminent and most esteemed billionaire in Springfield—which, admittedly, isn't hard since he's the only one. His wealth ranks among the world's most substantial, embodying the ultimate expression of opulence and upper-crust society. His legacy is unparalleled, a testament to his position within the highest echelon of achievers.

Yet, the great Mr. Burns has encountered a precipitous fall. Now mired in an array of fiscal and corporate challenges, his once-unassailable legacy teeters on a knife-edge. In this narrative, you take on the role of a youthful and recently discovered kin of Mr. Burns. Your task: to rescue the teetering fortunes and enterprises of Mr. Burns by any necessary means. Embark on your journey as the most exceptional unpaid intern Springfield has ever witnessed, offer your assistance to an array of charming yellow-toned beauties, and endeavor to establish yourself as the rightful heir to the...

Burns Estate.

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Project QT
Changelog (v0.14.8)
* New Marge‘s Content
* Plenty NSFW scene
* NEW sex animation
* New animation mechanic buttons
* Updated Clipboard
* Updated character
* Updated a few arts
* Updated stories
Rating: 7.5/10
116 votes
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