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Because I Love Her [Android]

In this narrative, you step into the shoes of Claire and John, a duo bound by affection since their high school years. Their life together is comfortable -- a routine contentment born of familiarity. However, as the pair crosses paths with intriguing new acquaintances in the city, they begin to question the depth of their bond. Is their relationship anchored in genuine connection, or merely habit? The pursuit of a more profound existence looms as a tantalizing possibility.

As the story unfolds, you will cultivate fresh relationships, seize exciting career prospects, and ultimately control the destiny of Claire and John – will they remain united or part ways in the quest for personal fulfillment? The journey through the narrative offers two distinct pathways: the romance route, where love may flourish or falter, or the corruption route, where choices may lead to moral dilemmas and unexpected outcomes. The power to shape their story lies in your hands.

Project QT
Changelog (v2.0 Fixed)
Chapter 2 Fixed
New Content for both love route and Ntr optional route
345 new renders
A very clear difference in routes between the NTR and love path
Fully working gallery available at the end of update, scenes only unlock once you see them. Gallery is visited after each update.
3 animations exclusive to the love route
1 animation for the ntr optional route (Only 1 sexual)
4 animations total (3 with claire, 1 with zoey, one simple video outro of neighbor mystery story)
over 1,900 lines of script in chapter 2 alone, bringing the total to more than 3,000 lines of script (That’s a shit ton of words, but I don’t believe word count matters too much)
Rating: -/10
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