Futadom World – Binding Sim [Android] Download

Futadom World – Binding Sim [Android]

'Futadom World – Binding Sim is a dating simulation game with an alternative history twist, set in an erotically charged dystopian writing collaborative universe. To date, this universe has expanded to include over two thousand captions, three erotic short stories, and now a game.

The game is a foray into speculative fiction, anticipating a future where genetic manipulation has given rise to a new class of individuals whose semen is addictively potent, leading to the birth of a sensual dystopian society.

Playing as a male subject under the dominion of the Empire, you find yourself subjugated and dehumanized at every corner. Your mission is to entice one of the many powerful futa mistresses, earning their favor before you're forcibly converted into a bimbo slave by someone else.

This game will resonate with players who have an affinity for dynamics of control, dominant personalities, and characters with complex imperfections. If you're particularly drawn to commanding women equipped with sizeable endowments pursuing naive men, then this game is calling your name. Cease your reading of this overview and proceed to download the game—don’t worry, we’ll be here upon your return.

WARNING – This game intensely explores themes of female domination, bondage, objectification, gender dynamics, mind manipulation, dystopian settings, and servitude. It also features an exceedingly large focus on anal play. If you’re sensitive to any of these subjects, it might be best to forgo this game for the benefit of all.

Project QT
Changelog (v0.9.5)
Wallis Part Two:

I don’t know how many new sex scenes there are. Like…four? Five, if you count that one multiple-participant sex that the player isn’t actually in.
There are eight endings, not counting ones where you just get shot for being mouthy.
There are three “bailout” endings; two Dark Wallis endings, two Light Wallis endings, and, as the ancient VN masters taught us with Tsukihime, there is only one True End.
The True End is a little counterintuitive to get to, and for the next few days, we’re not giving you any hints.
To get it, you need to talk to people other than Wallis.
Okay, that was your only hint.

MILF Steals Your Breath Away:

New silhouette at the pool.
This is actually more repeatable than you’d expect, and several parts of it change with the progression.

Not Cuck?:

New silhouette at the City Center.
A weirdly wholesome look at a modern Imperial marriage
Rating: 7.6/10
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