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Angelica Origins [Android]

"Angelica Origins" unfolds the enchanting tale of a young woman, a mere 18 years of age, as she traverses the final chapter of her high school journey. Angelica's life was unremarkable until an unexpected turn of events begins to transform her everyday existence. With her mother and companions by her side, Angelica encounters perplexing alterations and unravels the secrets about her existence against a backdrop of a concealed realm brimming with enchantment and mythical beings. Moreover, she must wrestle with the challenges posed by her fiery-haired doppelgänger, who desires dominion over her. Could this enigmatic girl be her twin, a hallucination, or the manifestation of Angelica's darker self?

As you navigate through Angelica's saga, the paths you choose for her will sculpt the narrative and its consequences. Your decisions will steer you toward one of three distinct finales. Are you equipped to discover the ultimate "true" ending?

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Project QT
Changelog (v0.6.2)
-108 new images.
-2 new animations with different versions;
-2 new scenes (1 adult scene and 1 story scene);
-Full gallery updated to day 8;
-Added text corrections by Spushkin (70% of day 7)(70% of day 8);
-Fixed a bug in the dungeon’s minigame (Thanks to MarktheSaint77);
-Added “relationships points” like the old version of the game (Old saves don’t work.)
Some ideas from future updates:
-When you interact with a book in the gallery room, you’ll see a little preview picture in the corner of the game window.
Rating: 7.8/10
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  1. January 20, 2022 at 10:49 pm

    Man, what is it with the gaming industry and their obsession with NTR junk? I’m legitimately fuming. Here’s a story about a girl whose life is a rollercoaster, fine, but do we really gotta include the most trash-tier tropes out there? Not everyone wants to see the main character get emotionally wrecked! I don’t know about you, but I prefer games that don’t make me want to toss my PC out the window. Putting effort into a story just to get a slap in the face with NTR nonsense is a hard pass from me. What a waste of potentially good fantasy plot. Whoever enjoys this, more power to you, but I ain’t about that life