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An Aussie Abroad [Android]

You embody the quintessential "Ocker," a laid-back Australian man, who now resides in a foreign abode with four women. Among them is Tori, a lifelong acquaintance, while the others remain virtual strangers to you. Gossip swirls of a past and perhaps ongoing romantic liaison between you and Tori's mother, fueling Tori's hunch that this connection might be the reason behind your presence. Yet, the true motivation remains shrouded in mystery. As you navigate life as a bachelor in the company of these four ladies, with potential additions on the horizon, your existence seems deceptively complex. Life is indeed full of challenges.

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Project QT
Changelog (Ch.1)
The gesture movement in the bedroom is replaced with buttons.
The pool area where you looked left and right is replaced by a roof balcony.
On the second day I have removed the green dots*
To be done on the third chapter release
The girls bios (sounds like they need updating lol) will be written.
The coffee pot bit will be removed.
Chapter 1 will be made to look and work like chapter 2.
There are 300 images.
There are loads of little animations.
One H scene with a newly met NPC.
Introduced a fetish.
Rating: 9/10
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