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AlwaysFan [Android]

AlwaysFan is a mature visual novel in which you step into the shoes of Chris (though you may choose a different name), a 21-year-old young man grappling with life's challenges following the passing of his parents. Alongside Emilie, an albino girl who has a deep bond with you since childhood and is facing comparable struggles, you are tasked with navigating these tumultuous times. The nature of your connection with Emilie and the various other women you encounter throughout the narrative will be shaped by the decisions you make!

Project QT
Changelog (v0.6.1)
New content :
– Week 6 is now available!
– First endgame: With Natacha alone. A secret ending with many variations that will require very specific choices to unlock (Good luck to those who want to get it without cheating!)
– 3654+ new images (Does not include older updated renders)
– 253 new animations (Does not include older updated animations)
– 23590+ lines of code
– New musics
– New sound effects
Old content:
– Visual enhancement to some renders and animations from the first week of the game
– Added a transition image when skipping the shower scenes
– Day 14: The renderings of the last scene with Marcus and lea have been updated, so that Marcus’s office is more in keeping with his standing…
– Day 18 & 22 (Sharing): Added dialogue options to let Cassandra become an escort even if you’re not in a relationship with her and if Emilie didn’t go to Robert’s on day 13.*
– Day 31: Modification of one of the animations in the scene of Iris going to the Biggerman tower, to make it more consistent with the sound (+ camera travel).
– Day 33: Added a photo shoot with Emilie only if Lea doesn’t come to your house that day (Appears in the AF gallery from day 35)
– Day 35: Added a missing image when you and Emilie go to the shop to buy her a new phone
– Modification to the “Other” gallery tab. Now scenes involving the main character and others will be separated into two separate tabs. In addition, Natacha’s Flashback with Marcus has been moved to a new tab within her own category.
– Spanish translation by Darax added up to week 5.
– An animation has been added to the quiz help button to make it more visible, and it is now possible to close the help by clicking on the text.
Bug fixes:
– Fixed a bug causing a crash when browsing Emilie’s cowgirl set on Alwaysfan.
– Fixed a dialogue from Natacha at the amusement park that was not triggering correctly.
– Lea’s voice volume increased in her h-scenes
– Other minor text corrections (Thanks to everyone who pointed out these typos!)
* Developer’s note: I’ve made this change because Cassandra is needed for a sharing scene that involves Emilie in the new week (so as not to deprive those who are only in a relationship with Emilie of this scene). I’ve made as many checks as possible to ensure there are no inconsistencies caused by this change, but if I’ve missed anything, please let me know .
Rating: 8.1/10
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