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Aiden’s Revenge [Android]

v1.00 Beta
Upon enlisting Don Morello's assistance to eliminate Aiden from the picture, Sophia believed she had paved the way for tranquility.

Unbeknownst to her, Aiden was harboring vengeful intentions. Armed with a secret potent enough to shatter Sophia's existence in an instant, Aiden, alongside Andre, posed an unforeseen threat to her well-being.

Project QT
Changelog (v1.00 Beta)
Here is the version 1.00 of AWAM Short Story Aiden’s Revenge. This version contains around 413+ new renders (in total 1559 Renders) and 8 animations. My writings are not that good, but hopefully you enjoy the story anyway. Any suggestion for future versions are welcome.
Why beta? – The story is complete but I will re-render some of my old renders, will also polish the dialogues a bit. Then will release the final version.
I don’t get enough time to render as I have a full time job, and in between I try to make renders. So can’t guarantee the upcoming versions release date. But I will try very hard for fast releases if you like the game.
No older Changelogs available.
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