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Devoted Wife [Android]

This narrative unfolds around a central character and his bride, a pair recently united in matrimony, who experience a startling twist with the entrance of a young man into their world.

The young newcomer ignites a peculiar longing within the protagonist, a desire he is eager to explore, hoping for his wife's participation.

Yet, as they delve into an exploration of their secret desires, they discover that their tastes in pleasure do not always converge.

Throughout their journey, they cross paths with a series of captivating individuals, enriching their shared experience.

The path ahead is rife with unpredictability, but one truth prevails: they are embarking on an epic adventure together.

"Devoted Wife": A Preview

Project QT
Changelog (v0.24)
Bug Fixes

Fixed a transition bug that was affecting of sandbox gameplay.
Resolved the issue with day/night background variations in sandbox mode.
Updated missing audios.

New Content

Updated all 26 story events with refinements and adjustments.
Added two variations (cuck and sharing) to the story mode, allowing players to experience different journeys.
Added path choices that allow players to influence the direction of the narrative, adding replayability and personalization to the gameplay.
Expanded the gallery with 5 new scenes.
Reconfigured story mode to continuous story mode for seamless narrative experience.
Introduced a captivating new intro.
Converted all audio files to the more efficient and high-quality MP3 format, reducing the game’s overall size while maintaining audio fidelity.
Included some voiceovers for Rina, making her interactions even more engaging.
Introduced a new character icon for easy identification.
Expanded the sound effects library.
Implemented new fonts for dialogues and texts.
Added a work option in sandbox mode, giving players the chance to engage in various jobs and activities to earn rewards and progress in the game.
Implemented a monetary system in sandbox mode, allowing players to earn and spend currency within the game world.
Introduced an inventory system, enabling players to collect and manage items they find during their journey.
Updated the GUI color to red, giving it a bold and dynamic look.
Added background music for each location in sandbox mode.
Added a bed functionality in sandbox mode, allowing players to rest and advance time if needed.
Introduced a new mall location in Sandbox mode.


Removed unused files and assets, streamlining the game and optimizing performance.
Integrated new sound effects to enrich various in-game events and actions.
Rating: 6/10
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