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Adventurer Trainer [Android]

'Adventurer Trainer is a fan-created, non-commercial adult parody game that blends elements of a Dating Sim/Visual Novel with RPG components. This free-to-play title draws inspiration from a fictional world reminiscent of Konosuba among other series. Players will encounter characters they recognize, partake in thrilling quests, unravel puzzles, and much more!

The game is currently available in version 0.1.1, boasting over 27,000 words, a variety of interactive events, and six mature-themed scenes.

Your support is greatly appreciated – I truly hope you find enjoyment in the game! Feel free to leave your thoughts and feedback in the comments section. If you’d like to support further development, please consider becoming a patron of mine on Patreon!


Project QT
Changelog (v0.1.9A)
Minor changes:
– The XRay event now has a “End early” button
– The XRay event now fully resets when replayed using cheats to avoid softlocking.
– Fixed an issue with decreasing boost levels when an ability/weapon is not selected
– Fixed a bug that duplicated some status effects upon using Cure
– Fixed an issue that could result in an uncaught exception when getting certain status effects
– Fixed a bug that allowed stacking the Barrier effect
– Fixed a bug taht could result in a crash when using Megumin’s Meditate
– Fixed an issue that could result in Megumin resisting her own Meditate effect. lmao
– Fixed an issue with Rin’s Magic Missile targeting only one enemy on touchscreen
– Removed Boon Upgrader and Quest Items from the cheat menu to avoid issues
– Fixed an issue that could result in an uncaught exception when selecting a region on the map
– Fixed the unintentionally high debuff resist on all heroes
– Fixed an issue with a piece of Darkness’ dialogue not properly checking whether she’s been romanced
– Fixed an issue with leaving dungeons early that could mark them as completed
– Minor spelling fixes
– +17k words, totaling 130k
– +484 images, totaling 5112
– +5 animations, totaling 94
– +13 New Events:
– +1 Main (Rem & Ram) Event
– +1 Bonus H-scene (comprised of 7 smaller H-scenes for Megumin, Aqua, Darkness, Luna, Yunyun, Chris and Wiz)
– +1 Megumin Event
– +1 Megumin H-scene
– +1 Yunyun event
– +2 Rin Events
– +2 Rin Quests
– +1 Wiz Event
– +1 Wiz (?) Quest but not really
– +1 Wiz H-scene
– +1 Gabriel event
– +1 Gabriel H-scene
– +1 Lolisa event
– +1 Lolisa H-scene
– +1 Alleys quest chain
– You can now hang out with Chris at night after seeing “Vantage Point”
– You can now raise affection with Lolisa after her latest event
– You can now explore the Alleys at night, but you might get ambushed by bandits while doing so. Don’t forget to upgrade your skills. Hunting down enough bandits will yield a unique reward.
– You can now travel to Heaven during the night
– Some wearable items can now provide special buffs and properties in battles.
– Added a Photoalbum as a unique item drop which will show some extra images not present in game
– Quests available on the quest board will no longer appear if the player has too many.  Additionally, you can now discard quests as long as they are not important to the story. Important quests will now be marked with a golden seal
– Boons now have multiple rarity levels which affect their stats. Players can increase their odds of getting stronger boons by purchasing an upgrade from Eris
– Disabled checking for updates for mobile devices for now since it can cause issues on older systems
– Important items sold in shops (for example book important to quest progression or items that act as triggers for bonus events) will now have a marker indicating that quality
– Added Rin as a playable character.
– Added Gabriel’s Boons
– Various animation improvements to combat and general optimizations to make it run smoother
– Targeting allies with restorative abilities will now show a preview of their effects
– Added new status effects: Meditating, Acid, Asleep, Fragile, Exposed, Trapped, Empowered
– You can now cleanse Burn by Cowering. Stop, drop and roll.
– Some AOE effects will now render their effects one target at a time instead of all at once
– Added abilities with Charges, for example Rin’s Magic Missile. Players will be able to utilize charges to target multiple targets or the same target multiple times.
– Added an additional animation for when heroes are knocked out.
– Added a visual flash to some ability effects
– Megumin’s Explosion’s manacost will now be refunded if the battle ended before it finished casting
– Added a new ability to Megumin: Meditate. While used, she receives a substantial penalty to Dodge, but if she is not hit for a full turn, she will restore 25% of her mana.
– Aqua’s Turn Undead “Blinding Strike” upgrade now hits the target two times, which should make it a viable alternative to the otherwise superior AOE attack.
– Aqua’s Divine Heal now increases healed amount by 30% (from 10%) to the total of 50%.
– Aqua’s Blessed Restoration changed to Resurrection, and as you would expect can now resurrect knocked out units.
– Aqua’s Heal now has a 2 turn cooldown.
– Kazuma’s Snipe now has an extra upgrade tier which adds two potential branches: Quick Draw, allowing for an extra shot per use, and Volley, which allows for three shots at random targets. Both come with increased manacost and decreased accuracy.
– Kazuma’s and Chris’s Steal now has ability upgrades
– Chris’s Poisoned Blade rebalanced: extra damage out of stealth is now a potential upgrade. Another upgrade provides Execute, which will instantly kill an enemy if they’re below 50% health.
– Yunyun’s received multiple ability upgrades
– Buffing altars effects now only last for the duration of one battle
– Bosses now have debuff resist that can prevent them from getting afflicted with DOTs and special effects
– Building materials will now drop more often
– Reduced the rate at which gold drops when exploring the alleys
– Some abilities/weapons can now have multiple damage types; if they target multiple weaknesses, the monster will lose more shields at a time, increasing the effectiveness of such attacks
– Level cap increased to 12
– Damage-over-time effects such as Bleed and Burn will now fully ignore armor
– Added multiple unique items, accessories, sets of armor, and weapons
– Shortbow damage and accuracy modifiers from 0.8 -> 1.0
– Broadsword’s accuracy mod from 0.8 -> 0.9
– Iron dagger removed from sale
– Kazuma can no longer wear Heavy Armor
– The cost of consumable items and gifts significantly reduced
Minor changes:
– The Gift’s interactive text can now be viewed in the Log screen
– Updated Rin’s guild portrait to match her in-game skin
– Minor improvements to AOE lighting from some abilities in adventuring mode
– Added Lockpicks to help people who somehow struggle with the lockpicking minigame
– Added Resurrection Potions
– Minor changes to Skill Upgrade menu to keep it stylistically consistent
– Added multiple new Achievements
– Damage preview is now more accurate and takes into account target type, its status, vulnerabilities and whether or not they’re known, etc.
– “A Business Arrangement” now *actually* adds Megumin’s panties to the inventory
– Chris’s panties now correctly mention her as their owner in their description
– Cleared obstacles (like the locked door in the dungeon) will no longer spawn after the first time
– Wiz’s relationship trigger is now moved to a different event and is retroactively cleared.
– Fixed a typo resulting in a crash when working a shift at the guild
– Fixed a bug that allowed working on an invention without any building materials
– Fixed an issue that would cause the boon hint to not show when Chris is in the party
– Fixed a bug that allowed leveling past the level cap
– Fixed Aqua’s bait & cast animations not matching her height
– Fixed an issue with Steph not joining the party during her rescue quest. Hopefully
– Removed a rogue pixel from Aqua’s attack animation
– Fixed an bug which allowed casting Lurk on allies
– Fixed some clipping visuals in “Pent-up Feelings”, “Long Live Sexual Assault”
– Fixed a bug that could result in a crash when hiding the UI during adventuring. On the flip side, you can no longer hide it
– Fixed a bug that could result in a crash during the Heist if its replayed or started over
– Fixed a bug preventing players from getting maximum bonuses for working at the construction site or relaxing in the bath. The change is applied retroactively
– Fixed a bug that caused Imp’s attacks crit on every hit. They now apply Weaken as intended
– Fixed a bug that prevented stealth from being broken on misses
– Fixed a bug that prevented some effects from triggering upon ability use if the unit missed
– Fixed a bug that could cause floating messages to display in the wrong spot
– Fixed a bug that sometimes caused enemies to render on top of each other during attack animations
– Fixed a bug that sometimes prevented visual effects from friendly abilities from rendering
– Fixed a bug that prevented damage mod buffs from taking effect
– Fixed a bug that made some abilities a lot stronger since their damage modifiers were not applied
– Fixed a bug that could lead to accessories being lost upon unequipping
– Fixed an issue that applied raw damage to on-harm effects
– Fixed an issue that prevented protection from being applied properly in damage calculations
– Fixed an issue that could cause AOE effects to render multiple times
– Minor spelling fixes
Rating: 9/10
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