Bite: Season One [Android] Download

Bite: Season One [Android]

EPISODE 7 PART 1 v0.6.5
"This narrative follows a young man leading a tedious existence, barely scraping by with the meager earnings from his fast food job that he uses to fund his college education. Everything transforms one fateful evening when a single bite alters his destiny irrevocably.

As you journey through this adventure, prepare to face an array of creatures including witches, wolves, hunters, and diverse breeds of vampires. Can you withstand the bite's aftermath? And if you do, do you possess the strength to master your newfound cravings and endure within this perilous realm?"

Project QT
Changelog (EPISODE 7 PART 1 v0.6.5)
Episode 7 Part 1 v0.6.5
– 272 new renders.
– 4 new scenes have been added.
– 2 new music has been added.
– 2 sound effect.
Rating: 7.8/10
141 votes
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