A House In The Rift [Android] Download

A House In The Rift [Android]

You find yourself unexpectedly cast into a dimensional rift, bewildered and unsure of your next move. However, you're not alone for long; soon you're joined by other displaced individuals from various universes, and together you develop a deep connection characterized by trust, companionship, and sensual closeness.

Throughout the daytime, enchanting women from an array of fantastical worlds tend to your wellbeing, while nighttime sees you venturing into the rift's peculiar anomalies. Your adventures are as diverse as they are thrilling: you might find yourself baking with a seductive succubus, engaging in friendly combat with an amply proportioned pirate captain, learning arcane arts from a youthful magic acolyte, and enjoying additional intimate encounters with them.

Experience romantic feelings for these extraordinary women, share passionate moments with them, and nightly, dive into the ever-changing expanses of the rifts!

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Project QT
Changelog (v0.7.6R3)

Take Lyriel on a hike
See Naomi try to keep doing things her way
Then fail and hit rock bottom
And finally emerge and make peace
In the meantime, let Rae demonstrate her oral skills


Lyriel’s dishwashing activtiy remaster


Be surprised by a flying Blair
Have a talk about portals
Discover Cait’s hideout
And witness the logical conclusion of Naomi’s bashful impressment attempts
Get Cait soaking wet and horny and do her right there in the library


Have a seemingly unimportant conversation with Blair
Ask Yona about a book she picked up
See a dollhouse appearing in the living room one morning
Check out the remaster of Lyriel’s post-dishwashing handjob, and a new secret animation variation
Rating: 9.3/10
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