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Webfame [Android]

Alice has worked tirelessly at WebFame for years, earning a less than satisfactory salary, and has concluded that it's time to explore alternative income sources. Why not try her hand at streaming like countless others? The concept is appealing—chatting to a camera from the coziness of one's home, providing entertainment, and watching the earnings flow in.

However, the challenge lies in differentiation. In a world where countless individuals broadcast their daily lives, why would anyone tune in to watch yet another person doing the same?

Alice must discover a unique approach to distinguish her content. As for what she decides to do next… that’s for you to imagine.

Project QT
Changelog (v0.4)
Story and Gameplay:
– 6 new days added to the existing 9 days of Alices story
– a new camera perspective is unlocked during story mode
– 5 new lewd scenes and events added with 5 new toys/items
– the endless mode is now accessible from the main menu – coming with story events and new mechanics (details below)
– a new questing system is now accessible (endless mode): the player is asked to make Alice perform certain actions to earn money
– 3 new minigames added (endless mode)
– 4 new triggered story events (endless mode)
Minigames (endless mode only):
– 3 new minigames:
1) a reaction game where the player has to stop a moving marker over a marked area
2) a reaction game where the player has to click markers on screen before they disappear
3) a contextualized minigame where the player has to click repeatedly in order to make Alice perform a certain action
– new hairstyle and haircolor selection tool added – this includes 5 new styles coming in 4 different colors each
– option to change pubic hair with 3 new styles added
– new cosmetic item: condom – obtainable by playing story mode
– new cosmetic item: marker pen – coming in 3 different stages – obtainable by playing story mode
– moveable camera (y-axis) added to 3rd camera perspective and a special scene in the 1st camera perspective
– hide button added to hide textbox (issue of hiding whole screen when pressing H resolved)
– improved system for displaying chat messages more reliably
– quest and reward system added with 15 randomly chosen quests available (endless mode)
– new action menu to trigger lewd scenes (endless mode)
– cheat menu now available with 5 different cheats (endless mode)
– new system to automatically cicle fitting emotions (endless mode)
– reworked shop to account for endless mode requirements
– removed xp system in endless mode
Other visuals:
– 8 new poses for Alice
– back of head (Alice) with changeable hairstyles and colors added
– new package delivery and unpacking overlay
– new phone call overlay with a visual of Sophie
– new side image for Sophie
– new Ui elements
– 40 new random chat messages
– minor bug fixes
Rating: 4.8/10
17 votes
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