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Wanderer: Broken Bed [Android]

Welcome, traveler! Embark on an adventure in the mystical realm of Andir! "Wanderer: Broken Bed" is an adult-themed game for PC and Android that combines elements of a dating simulator and role-playing game, immersing you in a narrative filled with erotic escapades.

The protagonist is a typical guy who leads a mundane life, preoccupied with video games and anime. However, everything changes when he's transported to a fantastical realm ruled by sorcery. As the reluctant hero chosen by destiny, he's now on a quest to dominate this new world and charm the enchanting ladies at the Academy of Magic.

The Academy, established by the world's most renowned mages, admits our protagonist, an unlikely candidate with no prior knowledge of the arcane. Though typically reserved for the heirs of noble families, this institution for the mystic arts is a trove of hidden tales and chilling secrets. Brace yourself for a compelling escapade through a land unlike any other!

- Join the esteemed Academy of Magic, gaining favor among the pupils and tutors.
- Encounter numerous women, cultivate your relationships, and experience intimate encounters with animated scenes.
- Delve into the Academy and its vicinity, undertake missions, crack puzzles, and unveil salacious mysteries!
- Venture into the Academy's dungeons to unearth ancient riches and enigmatic relics, but be vigilant, as monsters and formidable adversaries stand between you and your treasured finds!
- Enhance your character by attending classes, mastering abilities, assembling a deck of combat cards, and concocting magical elixirs to assist you on your expedition. Personalize your advancement in combat, magic, or social interaction based on your preferred gameplay method.

"Wanderer: Broken Bed" Game

Project QT
Changelog (v0.6A)
– 3 new quests added
– 3 new h-scenes added
– added 4 new illustrations of character relationships
– added 4 erotic cards in the gallery
– added redesigned Lesson Quiz mechanic
– added a new quest-related dungeon
– updated dormitory hallway location
– updated game SFX
– updated Isabella’s character model
Rating: 7.8/10
115 votes
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