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University Of Problems [Android]

For many, the phase of student life stands out as the most striking, vibrant, and unforgettable time in their existence. It marks the beginning of one's journey into adulthood, bursting with boundless potential and the formation of numerous new relationships. "University of Problems" encapsulates this essence perfectly.

Just picture a regular guy from a typical family, who against all odds finds himself at one of the nation's top-notch universities. It appears to be the ideal situation – an array of prospects, relentless socializing, charming companions, and the autonomy to make one's own choices. In essence, the quintessential adult experience. However, this idyllic view may not fully capture the complexities and challenges that lie beneath the surface.

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Project QT
Changelog (v1.4.5 EXTENDED)
v1.4.5 Extended
1) Renders:

1109 renders and 16 animations (+103 renders and 7 animation for the Extended version)

2) Events:

1 big event with Nikki
1 main event with Lexi +1 extended event in the Extended ver.
1 small main event
1 big event with Carol +1 extended event in the Extended ver.
1 event with Sara and Nikki
1 small event with Natalie
1 additional event with Roxy
1 additional event with Rachel


added 2 new music tracks
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