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Twists Of My Life [Android]

"Twists of My Life" – Dive into an engaging visual novel where your choices shape the narrative. There's never a "game over"; instead, every decision leads you down a new path. The stories weave together, creating a rich tapestry of outcomes.

Awaiting you are enchanting, delightful, and alluring characters. How they feel about you – adoration or aversion – is in your hands. Your actions are the key to everything.

As a law student in the metropolis of "N", you find yourself embroiled in the routine of everyday life, balancing studies, social interactions, and the typical activities of your peers. Yet, an unexpected twist sends you down an alternate road, setting the stage for your adventure.

Features of the game include:
- Multiple storylines unraveling side by side.
- Stunning visuals that enhance with every update.
- Dynamic animated intimate scenes.
- 15 distinct conclusions tailored by your in-game choices.

Project QT
Rating: 9/10
491 votes
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  1. March 20, 2023 at 12:27 am

    With 15 endings, you’re sure to find one that won’t leave you utterly disappointed in your life choices… or maybe not.