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Those Golden Days [Android]

Experience a laid-back harem adventure with "Those Golden Days." What endless summer memories await you?

Project QT
Changelog (v0.3)
– Fixed minor issue with the story tracking code (displaying certain text before it should be seen).
– Fixed an error where cologne wouldn’t wear off.
– Added clarification to the vixen interaction screen.
– Double check all the sound / music segments to make sure the appropriate music is playing.
– Write Abi events (7/7)
– Write Lia’s events (7/7).
– Write Mara’s events (5/5).
– Write Rena events (7/7).
– Write Reena events (5/5)
– Make sure all of Mara’s comforts and flirts have renders.
– Add Mara work schedule.
– Added some QOL , functionality to the massage menu.
– Mara event images need to be done as well.
– Updated most of the music in the game.
Rating: 7/10
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