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Third Crisis [Android]

"Third Crisis is an adult-themed tactical role-playing game centered around the protagonist, Vibe, an adventurer and champion. Following an operation that didn't go as planned, she must acclimate to her altered existence within the erotically charged municipality of Carceburg. It's in the hands of the player to decide whether Vibe succumbs to the allure of surrender or leverages her seductive prowess for a strategic edge in combat.

As you explore the enigmatic depths of Carceburg, you'll slowly unravel the hidden truth behind the calamity that led to humanity's downfall and subsequent subjugation by the nefarious entity known as Peitho."

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Project QT
Changelog (v0.55)
● Added the ability to pan the camera around when not using an ability during combat.
○ Right-click and drag to pan.
○ Two fingers and drag on touch.
This change gives more situational awareness so more informed decisions can be made.
● Added new overhaul to how energy is handled in combat.
○ Moving no longer takes energy (speed still determines how far you can move).
○ Only one energy will recharge per turn (instead of all of it).
○ Jenna’s energy is now 2 (from 3).
This should give party members the same aggression that only Jenna used to have.
● Added 3 new pinups.
● Added a new Arnold x Sofie scene to the mansion after you’ve finished Arnolds Quest
● Added new Jewel CGs to replace the placeholder ones for her introduction scene.
● Fixed gigabrain not displaying properly.
● Fixed five broken animations due to engine update (thanks Unity).
● Fixed 40+ dialogue typos.
● Fixed an issue where some party members wouldn’t save their recognized state.
Rating: 8.8/10
588 votes
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