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The Sanctum [Android]

"The Sanctum" is an adult-themed business simulation set in a contemporary fantasy universe populated by elves, orcs, and various other mythical races.

Your existence has been relatively unassuming within the subterranean municipality of Korthaven, governed by an authoritative council of dark elves. Amidst the turmoil following the death of one of these political figures, your solitude is interrupted by a surprise visit from an enchanting elf named Kim. She reveals to you a startling truth: you are the illegitimate offspring of a deceased dark elven noble, and his legacy of wealth and property has now passed to you. This legacy includes Kim, who is bound to servitude.

However, inheriting this fortune comes with specific stipulations. You are tasked with investing the funds to transform a desolate temple into a luxurious center of indulgence – a place known henceforth as "The Sanctum".

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Project QT
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