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The Proteus Effect [Android]

"The Proteus Effect is an adult game that skillfully weaves together elements of humor, engaging storytelling, dynamic conversations, and exhilarating challenges, all portrayed through vibrant artwork and enticing erotic moments for a truly singular experience.

Embark on a journey as the endearingly inept Alex, who has just barely managed to graduate from college and is in dire need of employment. In a stroke of luck, Alex secures his dream job as a video game tester at a virtual reality company. However, he quickly discovers that not everything is as straightforward as it seems. After meeting his quirky new colleagues, Alex finds himself trapped within the virtual realm, unexpectedly inhabiting the persona of a seductive young woman.

Alex's primary goal is to escape and revert to his true self, but his quest inadvertently pulls him through various fantasy landscapes, including the company's own gaming universe, a world eerily reminiscent of a well-known MMO, and an array of other peculiar realms.

But Alex is not alone. Ana, a co-worker who is tough yet compassionate with a bit of an edge, accompanies him early on. They both realize that the virtual world has altered their appearances in surprising ways.

As they progress, Alex and a cast of eccentric allies unravel the mysteries of the system's anomalies, seeking answers to the persistent warping to strange lands and the possibility of returning home.

While the game caters to adults with its erotic content, it transcends beyond mere adult-only material. The scenes range from erotically charged to downright comedic, ensuring they are always engaging and contribute to the fun. The game caters to various preferences, including content for futanari enthusiasts, group encounters, monsters, tentacles, and conventional scenarios – among other tastes. Moreover, the erotic aspect is optional, allowing players to bypass any unwelcome scenes or to enjoy the game purely for its narrative and gameplay.

For those in search of an amusing, titillating, and visually striking game with charming characters and a dash of humor, The Proteus Effect stands ready to deliver. Dive into the public version for free, which is nearly as current as the patron-supported edition. And if the game captures your fancy – which I trust it will – consider backing the development through patronage."

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Project QT
Changelog (v10.1.1)

Added 4 unique arena fights
Added several skits, scenes, characters and conversations (mostly centered around the arena fights; some as a spectator at arena)
Added some arena rewards, including a way to purchase (a limited number of) consumables
Added enchantments and gems, two new ways to power up items, along with small gem and enchant quests
Revamped item screen to accommodate gems and enchants
A new (hopefully more pleasant) UI
New, much better looking icons, with distinct icons for many objects that didn’t have them before
More consistent design language for icons (state icons show at a glance whether it’s good or bad, abilities have one common look, easier to tell a really good item from an okay one)
Combat info screen, so you can find info about states and such (including whether they’re curable, etc.)
Removed extraneous resource bars (Ana no longer has MP, Alex no longer has TP, etc)
Rating: 7/10
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