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The Inheritance [Android]

The main character, referred to by the player by a given name, has been absent from his family home for over three years, spending much of that time immersed in college life. The death of his father, a man with whom he had a distant relationship due to his father's frequent work-related absences during his childhood, calls him back home. Although he grew up forming strong bonds with his mother, two sisters, and a pair of best friends, the time away led to a gradual loss of contact with them.

Now, with a desire to reforge these familial and friendly bonds, he seeks to understand the reasons behind their drift. Upon his return, he is met with the unexpected news of an inheritance left by his father – a sizable one. Interestingly, the inheritance did not include the family's accounting business. It is through dealing with this windfall that he begins to comprehend the true extent of his father's private wealth.

As he takes steps to reconnect with his family and friends, he finds the potential to develop even deeper relationships than before, experiencing new emotions and establishing connections that had remained unfelt until now. During this process of rediscovery, he will also unearth astonishing secrets about his parents' past, revelations that he could never have anticipated.

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