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Temptations Are Everywhere [Android]

"Temptations Are Everywhere" is an interactive visual novel built on the Ren’Py engine. It follows the story of Maria, a protagonist whose decisions shape her journey, embodying the female lead's perspective.

Maria, a devoted and charming housewife, dedicates herself to looking after her husband and providing companionship to her solitary mother. At 36, she finds herself in a 15-year marriage with Paul, whom she married immediately upon completing her schooling. Their union is generally peaceful and unadorned by complexity.

Her husband Paul is employed at a reputable IT firm, enjoying a managerial role that comes with a good salary and additional benefits. However, he often faces the challenge of working late hours and is struggling to manage the stress that his position entails.

Beyond her roles as a dedicated spouse and compassionate individual, Maria remains a beautiful and mature woman confronting the need to capture her husband's attention and fulfill her increasing intimate desires. As the narrative unfolds, Maria encounters situations and seductive challenges that will force her to decide how she conducts herself and steers her life.

The path Maria takes is in the player's hands: will she remain steadfast in her marriage, finding contentment in her relationship, or will she yield to her carnal yearnings and pursue gratification? The power of choice lies with you.​

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  1. June 9, 2023 at 5:35 am

    Literally, nobody with a sense of decency wants to see a decent woman like Maria getting corrupted because of some contrived “needs”. It’s the same rehashed storyline that disrespects the values of loyalty and commitment. It just boils down to fulfilling some twisted fantasy and undermining what real relationships should stand for. Give us content that promotes genuine connections, not this NTR nightmare that degrades everyone involved