Tales Of Divinity: Rodinka’s Lewd Adventures [Android] Download

Tales Of Divinity: Rodinka’s Lewd Adventures [Android]

It's the year 1136 in the Kingdom of Man, where a modest convoy comprising of performers and merchants makes its way toward the hamlet of Zalesje. Within their ranks is an emerging starlet, Rodinka. Embodying her character, you'll be thrust into challenging circumstances that soon escalate. Your mission is to reach Zalesje regardless of the myriad hurdles that stand in your way. Embark on this most audacious quest without delay, and remember that the choices you make will shape the journey ahead.

Project QT
Changelog (v0.05.70)
– abolished modes for pc and phones, if there will be problems write me;
– changed the start in the third episode, now the episode can be started from the beginning or directly after the opening of the village;
– now during the first level up you can fully distribute the points received, the next time this message will not appear and increasing characteristics will be available only in skills;
– improved the text in the prologue of the third episode;
– new music in the main menu;
– improved map of Zalesje;
– various improvements and fixes.
Rating: 7.7/10
275 votes
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