Tales Of A Dream Life Harem [Android] Download

Tales Of A Dream Life Harem [Android]

On a fateful day, the fabric of space-time was torn asunder.
This event was engineered by the archangel of desire, weary of the monotony in her existence, yearned to craft an ideal realm.
Yet, in her endeavor, a minor miscalculation was made. This unintentional oversight resulted in the displacement of countless women from diverse eras and dimensions.
Abruptly pulled from their worlds, they found themselves in an alien land, stripped of their abilities—some of whom once wielded might rivaling that of deities but now found themselves trapped, powerless and against their volition.
Some males, too, were ensnared by this anomaly.
However, the same archangel's oversight once more had unforeseen consequences: each man who appeared was transformed into a monstrous entity, plunging this world into pandemonium.
The architect of this chaos, now ensnared by her own design, summoned the last vestiges of her strength for redemption.

Her initial act was to conjure a protective barrier, an enclave of safety for the women from the monstrous men.
Subsequently, she focused her waning energies to conceive a deliverer—of sorts. With her powers nearly depleted,
She could only manifest a divine decree that would bestow the essence of a hallowed seed upon a single man within the origin of humanity.
This man would gain passage to the new realm, spared the monstrous fate of his brethren.
Furthermore, he would possess the unique ability to restore the powers of the women... through the act of intimacy...
Thus, an ordinary individual by the name (insert your name here) inadvertently became the recipient of this heroic might, a power that would enable him to preside over a remarkable harem.

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