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Taffy Tales [Android]

S5 v1.07.3c
In "Taffy Tales," follow the narrative of an ordinary man grappling with dissociative identity disorder, as he navigates life in a quaint town where nearly every resident harbors a unique, concealed facet of their personality. Prepare to delve into an engaging plot populated by numerous characters, each with their own familial ties and intricate backstories. Alongside the main storyline, you'll find an abundance of secondary missions and a generous collection of mature-themed illustrations to enhance your experience.

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Project QT
Changelog (S5 v1.07.3c)
• Updated over 30 CG’s art in both main and ntr routes.
• Fixed a bug with access to the mansion in Gerda’s route.
• Restored the scene with Ryoko and Ash in the diner.
• Optimized a game size.
Rating: 9.1/10
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