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Ch. 3 v1.01i Extras
As a budding junior associate at a renowned law firm, you nurture the goal of rising to the stature of a trial lawyer, emulating Nicole, your girlfriend of five years. Yet, this ambition is momentarily deferred when an unexpected call from your sister, whom you haven't seen in almost a decade, derails your plans. She desperately needs your assistance in rescuing her floundering hotel enterprise and extends an employment offer at Sunshine Bay for the summer season.

Reconnecting with your sister means spending ample time together, but your stay at Sunshine Bay will also present a myriad of choices, possibilities, friendships, and potential romances to consider. Nonetheless, you mustn't lose sight of Nicole's aspirations and the commitments you share, like paying off the mortgage for your apartment and returning to her once summer ends.

Your narrative unfolds with critical decisions at junctures, each affecting the trajectory of your relationships and the overarching story. A colorful cast of secondary characters will surround you, offering chances for romance, if you're willing to take the leap.

Embark on an unexpected journey in Sunshine Bay, where the quest for love could lead to the most surprising of destinations.

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Changelog (Ch. 3 v1.01i Extras)
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– Fixed various spelling errors
– Minor coding changes to some of the endings
– Additions to the storyline:
-Mentioned that Ashley is bisexual on the Ashley+Nicole path
-Added dialogue to further explain why your Sis is angry with the MC about seeing other girls during the All Girls Bad Ending, even though she initially was okay with you being in a casual relationship with you.
– Added the points required for each girls’ game ending to the In-Game Walkthrough
– When playing the Shortcake ending (non-incest), there were missing jumps points that were needed for the logic to jump back to. This has been fixed now.
An issue with the BFF ending:
We had a number of members mention that “The BFF” ending icon was not unlocking in the endings replay gallery. This has affected anyone who had the incest version (disabled).
It has been fixed now so if you’ve played through until the end of that ending, the unlocked icon will now be visible and unlocked in the ending replay gallery.
The same for the All Girls Harem endings. Those endings should have only been available on the incest version of the game instead of both.
That has also been fixed now.
Broken Saves from the previous update:
As stated in the Game Day post on Wednesday, some of your saves might not load due to ongoing issues with Renpy.
We have made some attempts to fix this issue, but we could not replicate it in house to confirm if it solved the issues.
We did try to have some of our members who reported the issues try the new versions before this release, but we have yet to hear back from them.
So for those of you who are still struggling to find some of the endings because of save issues or lack of points (and have the Game Walkthrough), and don’t want to play from the very start of the game again, there is a simple solution to this.
When you open the Chapter 3 app, select “New Game” and look for “Manual Entry”.
Then answer each question and when you get to where it asks you to enter the points for each girl, put 350 for each.
It will give you the max totals for each girl automatically.
Then simply speed run through to the new update and you should be able to find all the endings you’re missing.
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