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Summertime Saga [Android]

In a quaint suburban setting, a college freshman grapples with the sudden loss of his father. The enigma of his father's demise unfolds as the first in a series of challenges, revealing a clandestine debt owed to a cabal of unsavory characters. As if coping with grief weren't enough, the protagonist must also muster the funds for his impending college tuition and secure a companion for the looming prom night.

Project QT
Changelog (v21.0.0-WIP.4468)
Tech-Update Build
Unlocked content:
1st school day
Debbie story
Jenny story
Old saved games:
Old saves will not be compatible as this version of the game uses a new source code.

The game is now widescreen and higher resolution (varied across platforms).
Many new locations across town have been added to the map (and you’ll be able to visit them all).
All locations have been improved visually and extended (art, buttons, crowds, etc).
UI, buttons and navigation improved and streamlined.
Jenny’s story has been improved and updated with a bit of new content.
Debbie’s story is relatively the same (some parts use old art and no pregnancy yet) but we added various improvements.
First day of school has been reworked with new art and content to introduce players to the game.
Rating: 8.8/10
2466 votes
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