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Star Knightess Aura [Android]

'Star Knightess Aura is an adult-themed RPG created using RPG Maker MZ. This game includes mature content of a sexual nature, alongside dark narratives like degradation, psychological manipulation, possession, mental domination, and betrayal themes. The characters depicted are all of adult age.

Embark on a journey with Aura as she is unceremoniously summoned to the mystical land of Roya. While she originally anticipates a typical "transported to another world" tale, she instead finds herself living a nightmare. Afflicted by a curse from the Demon King, Aura is compelled to hunt down this formidable foe each night in hopes of defeating him once and for all.

However, Aura's adversaries are not confined to the world of Roya. The Demon King's curse also allows an insidious force to invade her psyche, aiming to overtake and transform Aura from within. Engulfed in a dual assault on both her physical being and her psyche, Aura is challenged to conquer her greatest adversary without sacrificing her identity.

Star Knightess Aura Preview'

Project QT
Changelog (v0.39.3)

Fixed Womb of Lust not triggering when curse is completed
Fixed vice path of Something is Fishy to also mark Poisoned Elixirs as completed
Fixed default values for autosave options when no config save is present
Fixed John being able to learn spells that cost 0 MP but have costs from other sources
Fixed manual in Maid Academy Hidden Room not having direction fix flag
Fixed walkable table tile in Arwin basement
Fixed Stone Mind II not being 6 turns yet
Fixed aura_dev recollection variable being set to the wrong value in scene 4
Fixed Tutored By Richard 4 giving +1 George relationship instead of -1
Fixed typos in public content
Fixed only one Sahagin getting paralysed by back attack in troop 136
Fixed Anti-Magic Armor+ not expiring on day end
Fixed Sathanas not using more powerful Furorem if all previous hits missed


Fixed typos in public content (Thanks to Kytt)
Fixed vice checks checking for influential tag in lewd tags instead of vice tags
Reenabled enhance and unenhance tags in enhance skills to fix Air Bubble I/II not detracting Air on unenhancing
Fixed missing dialogue reflecting Roland’s death to knight outside order building
Fixed missing Laura’s portrait to library dialogue in labyrinth of happiness
Fixed Claude vice choice not calling prepareViceAction
Fixed text overlap issue in description for Flaming Robe I and II
Fixed missing level 4 unlock to Verdeaux Workshop info
Fixed Medium and Small slime incorrectly inheriting Enhanced state after splits in Queen Slime fight
Fixed Blessed Water having no effect at 1 Corruption in difficulties below normal
Fixed repeated Alicia line and incorrect item name when paying for Curse Trap Barrier


Added spell Overcharge II


Changed MATK requirment to learn Overcharge I to ATK requirement


Fixed typos (Thanks to Kytt)
Fixed post-victory cutscene in poisoner lair still running if player lost
Fixed Small Slime count being wrong and defeated boss command missing from Slime + Fire Slime encounter
Fixed overlapping variable assignment when viewing Lewd Streaming 2 in recollection room
Fixed Tremor II being unlockable in New Game+
Fixed tile passability issue in Eligos Domain
Fixed incorrect Paulina DEF message when switching to maid outfit
Refactored detection bonus logic to be based notetags of trait objects instead of a mutable variable


Added skill type category into event hierarchy for tracking learned skills


Reduced Stone Mind II duration -1 on every hit but increased base duration by 1


Fixed missing pose initialization for Lewd Streaming 2 + 3 recollection
Fixed leftover clear room event page at Richard’s Anchor
Fixed broken pre-plugin intialization error reporting
Fixed Paulina sprite being visible in Crystal Cavern
Fixed Corrupted Gold Bars in Richard Domain not increasing corruption
Fixed Max Vice parameter being 24 instead of 25
Fixed slime face graphic not updating to medium
Fixed Roland being killable at exactly 50 Popularity
Fixed day end causing crash if player ended the day in the Trademond Adventurer Guild


Added Laura character artwork
Added Paulina Maid character artwork
Added Maid Training 3 H-CGs
Added Lewd Streaming 3 H-CGs
Added lewd scene Maid Training 3
Added lewd scene Maid Training 4
Added lewd scene Paulina Training 1
Added lewd scene Paulina Training 2
Added scene Homework Project 6
Added scene Homework Project 7
Added mental change Corrupt Diligence Orb 2
Added mental change insert corrupted Deliquence Orb 2
Added mental change Weakness Hate 1
Added map Richard’s Domain first level
Added map Maid Academy North Wing
Added map Maid Academy Hidden Room
Added passive “The Strong Stand Above The Weak”
Implemented new android port
Set fast-forward on Android to enter SKIP mode
Implemented NEW marker in item and skill menu
Move Maid Academy unlock to finding James documents
Expanded Maid Academy with additional NPCs
Implemented Womb of Lust completed version and add it upon completing all 4 maid trainings
Implemented Swap UI for circle navigation #5167 (Thanks to Gaurav)
Implemented analytics tracking of item spending
Implemented analytics tracking of gold spending via resource events
Auto-applied “no backward when moving randomly” behavior to all detectors instead of using tags
Improved android external saves stability
Improved parallel execution of android external save file system operations
Implemented display of loading effect when waiting for external save export/import to finish
Implemented event Bringing Party to Richard’s Anchor
Implemented event meeting Richard in Domain Level 1
Added red fog effect into demonic domains
Implemented analytics scene
Implemented Paulina Maid Score
Added puzzle hints to office for Nothing But The Truth
Added Luciela hints during trial for Nothing But The Truth
Changed promise skill learning text for day 1 to say Aura begins training instead of continues
Improved new marker and make it a toggle option
Upgraded to RPGMaker 1.8.0
Increased max mental changes 144


Reduced Air Bubble I and II MDEF requirements to 40 and 60
Reduced stats of base Hi-Greed and Hi-Wrath Demon
Upgraded Acid Bomb x 1 in Mount Firestorm Caves 1 to Acid Bomb+ x 1
Replaced Acid Bomb x 2 in Mount Firestorm Caves 4 with Stasis Bomb+ x 3


Fixed typos (Thanks to Kytt)
Fixed event-based states overriding limited resists
Fixed incorrect TLB alias in advanced_states
Fixed android saves disappearing when not restarting when turning off external saves
Fixed Tenacity not working properly
Fixed Maid Training 4 giving 25 maid score instead of 30
Fixed Maid Academy negative energy scene repeating if you leave and come back
Fixed Delinquency Orb 2 being corruptible in Chapter 2
Fixed issue with skills and items disappearing in battle lists when scrolling with touch input
Fixed quests that get added to the log if they are undefined failing after saves
Fixed New marker show option reverting to true when the game is started
Fixed wrong Jellyfish being enhanced in Lamia troop
Fixed Greater Salamander missing an enhancement battle event
Fixed Hi-Aethon refined nose reveal having the wrong enemy ID
Fixed Bloodshot Eyes[22] lasting 15 turns
Fixed bestiary resetting if not skipping intro in NG+
Fixed skill selection window no longer showing for John Rising
Fixed Paul’s Soul-Contract not updating name when cursed
Fixed passable wall in Arwin Cellar
Fixed cliff passability issue in Winterfall


Estimated play time: 32-42h
Word Count: 663k
Lewd Scenes: 97
Real World Scenes: 252
CGs: 40 (+1 Bonus CG)
Rating: 7.1/10
392 votes
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