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Star Knightess Aura [Android]

'Star Knightess Aura is an adult-themed RPG created using RPG Maker MZ. This game includes mature content of a sexual nature, alongside dark narratives like degradation, psychological manipulation, possession, mental domination, and betrayal themes. The characters depicted are all of adult age.

Embark on a journey with Aura as she is unceremoniously summoned to the mystical land of Roya. While she originally anticipates a typical "transported to another world" tale, she instead finds herself living a nightmare. Afflicted by a curse from the Demon King, Aura is compelled to hunt down this formidable foe each night in hopes of defeating him once and for all.

However, Aura's adversaries are not confined to the world of Roya. The Demon King's curse also allows an insidious force to invade her psyche, aiming to overtake and transform Aura from within. Engulfed in a dual assault on both her physical being and her psyche, Aura is challenged to conquer her greatest adversary without sacrificing her identity.

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Project QT
Changelog (v0.40.3)

Fix typos in public content
Fixed Evolved Sahaking not displaying pack leader trait
Fixed Lightning Jam Coating tags not reflecting mat bonus change
Fixed killed bosses variable going up by 2 instead of 1 in Trademond Tunnel slime battle
Fixed incorrect condition for lacking Paul dialogue in Crystal Caves Vault
Fix being unable to read Tenacity II if player previously selected a companion with less than 300 HP in the menu
Fix Sahagin in troop 245 not having Sluggish trait
Fix Roland adoration check in Luck Professor debate options working the wrong way round
Fix Queen Slime small slimes transforming into the wrong enemy ID
Fix Obedient Maid showing NaN values if the player has not saved yet


Partially revert nerf of slime stat curve


Fixed lag/crashes from large sprite fix by creating more efficient implementation


Lowered slime starting and level up stats


Fixed lag caused by CP large sprite fix plugin
Fixed incorrect line when ending Paulina’s patronage
Fixed Mastercloak:Wind having the wrong icon
Fixed some Slime classes being unable to use Break Bondage Fibers due to incorrect skill type
Fixed Aura facing wrong direction in ritual jump point
Fixed Aura portrait persisting in maid academy dialogue
Fixed Fast Items Stance doubling skill MP costs
Fixed impassable tile in northern mine
Fixed skill book crash from Fast Items Stance causing nonconsumable items to execute twice
Fixed Black Priestess still offering discount on learning Light I if you already have it
Fixed slimes in troop 258 transforming into the wrong Small Fire Slime


Increased EXP gain from level 10 workshop to +3 EXP/Day


Fixed typos
Fixed state without turn restriction not overwriting same category state with turn restrictions
Fixed being unable to hand in Poisoned Elixirs if vice is locked
Fixed missing initialization of Paulina damage image association
Fixed new marker config setting having no intitial default
Fixed slime in mountain ranges transforming into wrong enemy ID


Reduced Bloodshot Eyes duration to 5 turns and adjusted other variations
Excluded LUCK from Bloodshot Eyes Attribute gain
Reduced Bloodshot Eyes Attribute gain to 75% and Bloodshot Eyes+ to 100% but have Bloodshot Eyes+ give extra 5 turn duration
Reduced drug restock rate from every day to every two days


Fixed lagg in Arwin’s Mansion during the Festival event
Fixed paul damage image association not having been migrated in some cases caushing crashes
Fixed Paul not being added to party in final dungeon
Fixed battle BGM not resetting if Asmodeus is defeated


Added Maid Training 4 H-CGs
Added Gyaru Laura Character Artwork
Added lewd scene Hallway Bullying 6
Added lewd scene Paulina Training 3
Added lewd scene Paulina Training 4
Added scene Laura Rebirth 1
Added scene Laura Rebirth 2
Added scene Hallway Bullying 7
Added scene Sexual Harrassment 3
Added map Maid Academy Upper Floor
Added map Richard Domain 2 – Wrath
Added boss battle Demon General Asmodeus
Added boss Sathanas reencounter
Implemented sneak mini puzzle Maid Academy North Wing
Implemented Maid Academy Graduation
Improved Magic Academy teachers to only enable options the player can select
Added minor text extensions to Paulina Training 3 and 4
Implemented generic logic to handle updating active enhance or stance skills when learning the next rank
Changed stance and enhance skills activate from the list like autospells without requiring actor selection
Handle case of killing Sathanas before meeting him at Draknor Fortress
Implemented gaining more Magic Thread after initial graduation
Updated Paulina location after Paulina submission
Updated Hermann wedding based on Paulina submission
Updated Reverse Summoning Ritual based on Paulina submission
Updated Paulina Adventurer Guild world state after Graduation / Curse Removal
Updated Paulina Albrecht Speech world state after Graduation / Curse Removal
Updated Paulina Hermann Marriage world state after Graduation / Curse Removal
Updated Paulina Reverse Summoning Ritual world state after Graduation / Curse Removal
Updated Paulina Hunting a Demon King world state after Graduation / Curse Removal
Handled case of ending patronage when Paulina returned to being Paul
Added obstacle in Maid Academy to enter Upper Floor from Hidden Room
Turned Library 1 Schrödinger’s Cat punishment joke into bullying foreshadowing
Added special clear state for recollection room crystals indicating that they have been done in the current playthrough
Removed page up and page down buttons in save menu when using a mobile device
Increased max killed bosses to 112


Added perk to destroy minor obstacles with Rampage II to at >= 60 ATK
Reduced obstacle level for greed chests to 25
Added Infamy to Paulina corruption decisions
Added HP cost to Break Bondage skill and make Libidas give MDEF, DEF buffs as well as HP regen
Gave Lilim+ Tenacity I and have Overpollination give Resistance to Light like Obscurum
Reduced Lightning Jam Coating MATK boost to +4 and Blessed Lightning Jam Coating MATK boost to +6
Added +2 ATK to Draconic Scales
Increased HEAL RATE reduction from POISON from 50% to 75%
Limited Workshop cost increase on Hard+ to Enhancements
Reduced MATK boost from CONCENTRATION to 75%


Fixed typos
Fixed variant drugs not being usable in John Rising
Fixed status scene causing a stack overflow with multiple party members
Fixed z-ordering issues from * tile and event character interactions
Fixed save menu showing variable IDs instead of values for stats
Fixed game crash when ExtraWindows plugin is turned off
Fixed Passion getting Exhausted instead of Animated Robe in troop 447
Fixed skill text in compendium being able to overlap traits
Fixed John Rising incense lure not removing drugs
Fixed viewed scene script lines being in the wrong part of their events
Fixed battle crash when pressing left on skill list
Fixed blue crystal appearing instead of white under some circumstances in recollection rooms
Fixed Lewd Streaming 3 having incorrect variable assignments in recollection room
Fixed Roland forced quests not leading to lewd scene afterwards
Fixed infinite lewd scene loop in some circumstances
Fixed Paulina still being interactable in adventurer guild when invisible
Fixed duplicate Letter of Recommendation if killing Asmodeus after graduating maid academy
Fixed missing speaker portraits in intro
Fixed Jelly Jam not restocking at Verdeaux merchant
Fixed detection check in Trademond Congregation
Fixed Aura portrait remaining after Nothing But The Truth evidence check
Fixed Bondage Fibers remaining after Asmodeus fight
Fixed remaining minor missing Paulina dialogue variations in Reverse Summoning Ritual


Estimated play time: 32-43h
Word Count: 683k
Lewd Scenes: 100
Real World Scenes: 257
CGs: 41 (+1 Bonus CG)
Rating: 7.1/10
393 votes
1 vote, average: 10.00 out of 101 vote, average: 10.00 out of 101 vote, average: 10.00 out of 101 vote, average: 10.00 out of 101 vote, average: 10.00 out of 101 vote, average: 10.00 out of 101 vote, average: 10.00 out of 101 vote, average: 10.00 out of 101 vote, average: 10.00 out of 101 vote, average: 10.00 out of 10