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Solvalley School [Android]

'Solvalley School blends elements of Dating Simulation and Visual Novel genres. It centers on the escapades of Alex, a youthful student attending a nearby educational institution. Players are tasked with enhancing Alex's skills to maximize his chances of impressing a diverse array of over 30 potential female acquaintances. Gamers have the freedom to roam the urban environment, take up a job at the bar, workout in the gym, or opt for a studious approach by dedicating time to hitting the books. With close to 100 events to experience, the game promises extensive gameplay duration and a multitude of animated sequences.'

Project QT
Changelog (v3.0.0)
– Sabrina Scene 1 (walking her home)
– Sabrina Scene 2 (helping in the house)
– Sabrina Scene 3 (on the beach)
– Sabrina Scene 4 (Alex VS Delilah)
– Sabrina Scene 5 (sex with Sabrina + Anna sharing bonus)
– Sabrina Scene 6 (Sabrina & Delilah)
Rating: 9/10
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