Snow Daze: The Music Of Winter [Android]

"Snow Daze," previously known as "Home Invasion," is an interactive visual novel that delves into themes of manipulation and taboo relationships. Players assume the role of Jason, a neglected son who resides with his attractive sisters and appealing mother. An unforeseen blizzard confines the family within their home for a full week, presenting Jason with a unique opportunity to execute a scheme that involves the use of hypnotic musical subliminals, aiming for a desired outcome.

Jason is a burgeoning musician, largely unnoticed by his family, harboring forbidden attractions towards his mother and sisters. His days are predominantly spent in the solitude of the attic, where he dedicates himself to his cello. Within the family dynamics, there's Kira, the intelligent older sister; Jane, his athletically inclined twin; and Sarah, his younger sister known for her playful and uninhibited nature.

When the snowstorm seals them within their home, Jason sees a chance to utilize his musical proficiency. He cleverly employs subliminal audio recordings played from beneath his attic floor during the night, hoping to influence his sisters into a suggestive state by day. This strategy, however, is not foolproof; Jason must still carefully erode their reservations over time to persuade them to comply with his desires.

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Project QT
Changelog (v1.6)
Revamped art for Day 0 and Day 1.
Rating: 8.9/10
399 votes
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