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Sisterly Lust [Android]

You’ve spent the majority of your life in a different region of the country with your father since your parents went through a divorce when you were quite young, which resulted in a tumultuous custody dispute that tore the family apart.

Your mother took her three daughters with her, while you relocated with your father. Since then, you've been estranged from your family, with your father strongly discouraging any form of contact. However, a pivotal change occurred with the unexpected death of your father.

While attending your father's funeral, you were approached by a woman whom you immediately recognized as your mother. She extended an invitation for you to return with her, to reunite with your sisters, and to rebuild the family connection. After some hesitation, you agreed...

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Project QT
Changelog (v1.1.11)
– Fix spelling and grammar (thanks to Grubb and Randall)
– Add Portuguese (thanks to Grubb)
– Updates to all languages
– Update engine to Ren’Py 8.1.1
– Possibly fix Steam Deck freezes
– Day 145: Fix missing images (thanks to Deadlock, Kythosjunk, jessejames65 and MadProfGlint)
– Day 145: Fix dialogue when checking on girls (thanks to Randall)
– Day 141: Fix continuity for Liza/Bella relationship (thanks to Randall)
– Day 32: Tweak Rachel’s dialogue (thanks to Randall)
– Day 30: Fix continuity error (thanks to Tythesly)
– Day 21: Fix panning image (thanks to flybutter)
– Day 11: Fix continuity when looking at Bella’s pictures (thanks to LeMont)
– Day 11: Fix continuity error (thanks to Tythesly)
– Day 4: Fix wording (thanks to Marcus Schätzle)
– Day 4: Make it less easy to miss Bella’s and Rachel’s path (thanks to SGD)
Rating: 9.3/10
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