Simulation 69 [Android] Download

Simulation 69 [Android]

Living with three enchanting women, he was rebuilding his life after a heartbreaking history. However, piercing headaches began to intrude, each more intense than the last, distorting his memories. There was an undeniable sense that something was amiss. Bizarre anomalies started to manifest spontaneously, as if reality itself were malfunctioning like a glitchy computer.

Our protagonist is a brooding yet sharp young man on the brink of resuming his academic pursuits. Dive into the mystery to pinpoint the cause of these peculiar disruptions, encounter an array of vibrant personalities, steer our hero's journey down the path of your choosing, and delve into an imaginative and humor-filled visual novel that creatively disrupts the norms of the genre.

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Project QT
Rating: 7.8/10
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