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Savior [Android]

v0.15 Beta
In the game Savior, you embody a character born of genetic engineering, a creative solution his scientist parents resorted to in the face of infertility. Yet, this protagonist carries within him a profound secret locked within his DNA.

As the world faces looming dangers, it falls upon the shoulders of our central figure to unravel the enigmatic truths coursing through his veins and to unleash the enormous potential that lies dormant within him.

Throughout this journey of self-discovery and adventure, our protagonist will cross paths with a host of intriguing new characters. The nature of these encounters is uncertain—will they be allies or adversaries? Will the protagonist engage in combat, or will these interactions take a turn toward more intimate connections from sunset to sunrise? Every decision rests in your hands, and each choice will have consequences. Choose wisely, for you are the chosen one, The Savior.

Project QT
Changelog (v0.15 Beta)
-366 Renders
-16 Animations
-Main Storyline Progress
-Vanessa Storyline Progress
-Robin Storyline Progress
• There can be bugs and typos since this is the beta version.
Rating: 9.8/10
146 votes
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