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Rovering To Sussex [Android]

CHAPTER 3 v0.3.0
Relocating to a different community can be challenging. Getting involved in a local organization and forming new friendships can be beneficial, and joining the scouts presents one such opportunity. While it may not have been the expected choice, this particular scout troop happens to feature a number of attractive young women. Embark with us on an adventure that intertwines scouting activities with the bonds of camaraderie, the complexities of romance, and intimate encounters. These young ladies aren't in the business of cookie sales; however, with the right approach, they could be persuaded to entertain other possibilities. Set your sights on a journey of discovery and personal growth as we explore scout life in Sussex!

Project QT
Changelog (CHAPTER 3 v0.3.0)
Chapter 3: Missteps (v0.3.0)
Added 2.5 playable days to the game, which include:​
~7,500 words​
~330 renders​
8 animations​
5 lewd scenes​
1 bonus gallery​
1 achievement​
9 music tracks​
16 sound effects​
Rating: 7.2/10
139 votes
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