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Roads Yet Traveled [Android]

Do you believe you possess the capacity to transform the globe? Regardless of who you are, your ability to enact change is limited, and the time you have to effect meaningful change is brief. As it has happened numerous times before, you find yourself embarking on the first day of a new class. The anxiety of a first day is challenging to navigate, yet you find a way to cope. Such is the nature of your existence now, a perpetual cycle of movement and fresh starts, with everything in a constant state of change. Today is simply another embodiment of that change. Suddenly, everything vanishes. Lost without a clear path home, how will you navigate your circumstances? Can the friends you make along the way assure your safety, or will the challenges prove overwhelming? Nonetheless, press on, for there's nothing left for you to forfeit.

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Project QT
Changelog (v2.3)
– 34k New words
– 7 New BGs (9 if you count recolors)
– 1 New CGs
– 1 New character sprite
– Four new songs
– Additional sprites for Rhoun, Marruk, and Tyr
– Improved day select feature to only unlock as you play through the game
– A “New” content button to cut right to the new stuff!
– To access the new content RIGHT AWAY go to day select and hit “New”
– Otherwise play through Day 10 again, for a better recap of what is happening
Rating: 5.6/10
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