Rise Of The White Flower [Android] Download

Rise Of The White Flower [Android]

Embark on a journey with Catherine Belrose, a non-noble graduate from the Empire's prestigious Academy of Magic in the heart of the capital. Although her elite training has set her apart within the Empire, her education at a noble-centric institution has burdened her with overwhelming debt that she is desperate to settle.

Determined to earn the substantial sum needed, Catherine joins the Adventurers Guild, an establishment that recruits mercenaries to combat the relentless menace of monsters. Despite facing adversity and those who wish to see her fail, she pushes forward with grit, intent on achieving her goals.

Take the reins of Catherine's story, form alliances with a host of fellow adventurers, and dive into countless exploits. Unravel the extent of corruption pulsating through the Empire's core, delve into the profound lore and history of the land of Valarien, unearth chilling secrets that history intended to conceal, and explore romantic entanglements or fleeting liaisons with the diverse companions who will accompany her throughout this saga.

The fate of Catherine's financial burden lies in your hands. Will she manage to clear her student debt, or will her efforts fall short, leading her to a fate of servitude? Your choices will decide.

Project QT
Changelog (v0.11.3)
1 New Scenes
1 New Sex Scene
15k words added.
New Sex Scenes
– Catherine and Briwala (Rough, Futanari, Edging)
New Scenes
– A Queen Rises – For her victory in the Battle of the River, Catherine is crowned as the first sovereign of Valante in the last centuries. All hail Queen Catherine Belrose, first of her name.
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