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Revenga [Android]

After finishing college with a sports medicine degree, a young man in his early 20s returns to his hometown to provide care for his father, who is facing a terminal illness. Complicating matters, he must confront his stepmother and stepsisters, whose cruelty marred his earlier years. Will he fall prey to his stepmother's malevolent schemes, or will he enact his revenge and discover the hidden truths of his father's past? The outcome lies in your hands.


The Main Character (MC) is a recent college graduate who comes back to tend to his dying father, finding himself again under the same roof as his spiteful stepfamily.

Maddie is the antithesis to her aunt, Mallory, and her cousins, Gina and Carrie. She encountered the MC on a plane, sparking an immediate connection. She is a beacon of kindness in a family otherwise filled with malice.

Mallory, the MC's stepmother and Eugene's spouse, embodies wickedness and deceit. Her disdain for the MC is palpable, and her motivations revolve around wealth and influence.

Gina, daughter of Mallory and Carrie's sister, harbors ill will towards the MC, acting as her mother's willing accomplice out of a blend of enmity and subservience.

Carrie, like her sister Gina and under the wing of Mallory, shares a deep-seated loathing for the MC. Molded in her mother's image, she doesn't shy away from using her charm as a weapon.

Hannah, the compassionate hospice nurse attending to Eugene, demonstrates profound dedication and kindness in her care for the ailing man.

Chip, the MC's best friend, is known for his loud and brash demeanor, often finding humor in every situation. Unsurprisingly, his presence is detested by Mallory and her daughters.

Betty, Eugene's sister and the MC's aunt, brings a vivacious spirit to the mix. She is very fond of her nephew and openly despises Mallory and her daughters.

Eugene, the father of the MC, is battling cancer. After the loss of his wife, he entered into marriage with his secretary, Mallory. A self-made multimillionaire and accomplished businessman, Eugene's life choices have left a complicated legacy.

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