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Reclusive Bay [Android]

At the onset of the game, you awaken without any recollection of your past and utterly unaware of the small town you call home. Bear with me, despite the seemingly clichéd premise. As the narrative unfolds, it's revealed that you and your father suffered a car accident, leading you to spend eight months in a coma, from which you miraculously recovered. Tragically, your father was not as fortunate. In his will, he bequeathed to you a house and a nascent enterprise, the Royal, a dining establishment.

Reclusive Bay is virtually deserted, starkly removed from the beaten path, and only frequented by those who desire oblivion or revelry. The closest civilization is a daunting two-hour journey away. Throughout your adventures in this story-driven visual novel, you'll piece together fragments of your lost memories and discover that your accident was far from accidental. The town and its denizens harbor deep-seated mysteries.

Your interactions with the game’s complex characters, especially the captivating women who aid you in your quest, will be pivotal. Each decision you make bears consequences, influencing your rapport with the ladies and potentially unlocking additional content or dialogue nuances. Reclusive Bay offers hidden choices that remain elusive unless you've achieved sufficient rapport with a character. Yet, fear not of entanglement with a sole individual—there are pivotal decisions that will shape each character's destiny throughout the game.

The game proudly presents a free-roam sandbox experience, with meaningful encounters beyond the initial tutorial that are crucial for enhancing your relationship scores and persuasion levels. At present, Reclusive Bay features seven distinct female characters, with additional potential love interests on the sidelines.

It's important to note that Reclusive Bay delves into sensitive matters, with themes encompassing violence, injury, and substance abuse. This notice is a precaution for those who may find such content disturbing.

Prepare to embark on a mysterious and revealing journey:
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