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Re: Hero Academia [Android]

In the video game, you assume the role of a newly graduated Pro Hero from U.A. High School who tragically loses their life while on duty. Miraculously, a mysterious Quirk intervenes, granting you a rare opportunity to revisit the past. Seizing this new lease on life, your objective becomes to master your abilities, forge stronger bonds with comrades, and unravel the enigma of your destined fate to avert your foretold demise. As you navigate through your journey, you'll encounter numerous risqué scenarios with beloved characters, a small perk for having perished once, wouldn't you agree?

Project QT
Changelog (v2-0.1)
– A new iteration of the game. New story, new scenes, new protagonist.
– Removing the more complicated part of the gameplay. We’re focus on the art and sound this time to avoid it becoming a mess.
– We’ll add back some puzzle solving minigames in future update. This version is straight forward, mostly to showcase new asset.
– Old versions (now dubbed V1, up to 0.29) will no longer get any update.
Rating: 7.9/10
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