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Raven’s Quest [Android]


It's possible that a number of you might already be familiar with our work. We are PX Games, the talented team behind the creation of The Wind's Disciple.

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Project QT
Changelog (v1.4 Public)
– New event: Raven can now ‘work’ at the monastery in the mountains as a Holy Sister if she has an attitude of 20 or more.
– New outfit: Holy Sister. Obtainable after accepting the job as a Holy Sister.
– Improved the main quest and the quest hints to be easier to follow.
– Nerfed the damage from the Tentacle monster, in the dessert and buffed the damage Raven does to it with the effective element.
– Nerfed a bit the damage the Tale thugs deal to Raven.
– Raven’s elemental powers will now improve all at once when meditating.
– Changed the price of the ‘mountain permit’ from 200 gold to 80 gold.
– Raven will always successfully run away from enemies.
– Raven can now approach the orc camp and meet their commander when she has had any sexual intercourse with 5 or more orcs.
– Raven can now sleep in Freya’s house and the Rebel’s hideout.
– Raven will now propertly regenerate all her elemental powers after a fight. (outside of dungeons)
– Re-write – Raven meets the orc commander.
– Re-write – Dialogues in the main quest.
– Re-write – Small dialogues with monsters.
– Fixed a but where Raven’s sub and dom stats would reset when sleeping.
– Fixed a bug where the punk outfit was not purchasable after Raven getting a tattoo.
– Fixed other small bugs and some grammar.
Rating: 9.1/10
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