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Queendoms [Android]

In the land known as Queens, a realm governed by women, men are deemed inferior. How will they halt the ascent of the main protagonist – a man who, through destiny's twist, ascends to lead the wealthiest and most despised kingdom by them?

Since the dawn of civilization on this continent, a unifying church arose, amalgamating all four kingdoms and quelling the flames of war and internal discord. The doctrine of this church diverged from ours in a singular, pivotal aspect: the divine in their belief crafted woman first, not man. This minor deviation spiraled into a reality where men faced vast inequality, suffering, and subjugation. Among the kingdoms, the one you belonged to bore the brunt of this inequity – that is until your father, a man of action, deposed the tyrannical Queen.

Your father, thus known as the inaugural King of Caledonia, embarked on a series of profound reforms aimed at dismantling ingrained disparities. These changes catalyzed extraordinary prosperity in your kingdom, much to the disdain of the neighboring Queens.

Project QT
Changelog (v0.10.9)

Added a continuation of the new gameplay redesign, in which the level of relationship with the characters depends on love and lust.
Added a second event for Janet’s gameplay redesign, including 5 new scenes.
Rating: 8.1/10
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