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Parental Love [Android]

In the narrative of "Parental Love," you embody a father of two whose relationship with his wife, Emily, has deteriorated. Struggling with cocaine addiction, your role as a father was tarnished, with only fleeting instances of joy with your children during the alternating periods of intoxication and sobriety. Now, filled with longing, you yearn for the once happy moments that Emily and your children shared with you. Following the birth of your second daughter, Ada, Emily decided that pursuing a divorce would be the best course of action. The separation proceeded, culminating in a court decision that granted Emily full custody of the children.

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Project QT
Changelog (v1.1)
– Added 6 new scenes (see instructions below for how to access new scenes)
– Fixed bug with gallery crashing
– Better scene skipping
– Updated Brazilian Portuguese translation. Thanks Grubb
– Added two new translations
– French by Maxo
– Polish by Bev_
Instructions how to get new scenes:
Alley scene: Happens on the harem route a few days after the tournament, after “the peeing scene” and after the scene where you have sex with Jenna in front of Emily for the first time. Same scene where you confront Eric.
Sofi scene, massause extra, milk drinking: These three scenes happen in quick succession from one another during the epilogue of the harem route BUT KNOW THIS: You need to have Sofi ending + During the massaging scene with the trans girl “24th of May”, you have to give her your number through a newly added dialogue choice.
Jenna scene: This is a new flashback which happens after the Sienna flashback.
F Night scene: This happens “20th of June”. Last scene of the day during which Elly and *** wake you up with breakfast in bed.
Rating: 9.3/10
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